Why Choose
Logistics Etc.?


Considered one of the finest freight service providers in the nation Logistics Etc. offers a combined 80-years of management experience in the freight management industry. Your business is valuable and it takes an experienced company to protect your interest.


Through our digital technology partnerships you can easily conduct your own bids, work with your current carriers and freight brokers, compare lane rates to current market rates, automate your entire RFP process and access thousand of vetted carriers.


Using our digital technology, our industry expertise in all modes of freight transportation, along with our extensive carrier network we are able to provide solutions and a competitive advantage over a typical freight broker, 3PL or standard digital broker.


Logistics Etc. and our industry leading freight service technology, along with our in office experienced staff, simplifies the shipping and overall management of your supply chain which results in cost savings, end-to-end visibility and improved efficiencies.