Metal Tubes

Freight Management Solutions
for Your Industry


Getting the right parts to the right place at the right time has never been more critical. Meeting your customers’ increasingly time-sensitive needs while maintaining visibility over your supply chain can make it difficult to control your transportation costs. Logistics Etc. has you covered.

Food and Beverage

With food safety a top concern of our food and beverage customers we exceed the supply and demand challenges of today's marketplace. From reliable capacity to visibility into your supply chain Logistics Etc provides you transportation solutions you need to gain the a competitive edge.


In today's demanding manufacturing market it is critical to have control of your logistics and supply chain needs in order to source quality raw materials in a reliable time period while controlling your transportation spend. Our experts bring you the resources to do just that.

Retail and Consumer Goods

E-commerce has created a ripple effect across the entire nationwide retail supply chain, sending shippers who once relied on far away warehouses and infrequent full truckload shipments to move to an LTL shipment mentality. We are the LTL experts just right for you.

Other Industries

No manner what industry your company fits in, if your company ships or receives freight from one pallet to a full truck load the experts at Logistics Etc. can assist you with all your shipping needs. From coast to coast, Canada, Mexico or anywhere around the world we have you covered.